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sorry i’m never on here anymore but twitter is where it’s at, you all should get one and follow me and talk to me and stuff ㅎㅅㅎ

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Anonymous wondered,
You like boobs? What kind are your favorite? ^^

I LOVE BOOBS they’re the best and tbh i’m not picky at all about boobs hmmm i guess if i had to choose i’d say cute small boobs because i’m so used to my big ones LMAO but i really do love all boobs uwu

jinkyeon wondered,
jongkey sword fighting thats turns into hot things ;)))) (I hope u didn't write one since u tweeted about it)


The tension in the small space was so thick it was suffocating, the pair’s concentrated breaths filling the air of the dingy stable.

This stranger, this mysterious masked man had stolen something from Jonghyun and he wanted it back. 

Their swords were drawn, the both of them in their preferred fighting stance, waiting in silent frustration for someone to make the first move.

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